A Darker Flame

Vincent van Gogh painted landscapes with cypress trees at his time in Saint-Rémy, and when I saw these trees for the first time myself when traveling through the south of Europe I was reminded of Van Gogh’s landscapes, and how they burn like dark flames on the horizon. I love how words have the power to ignite images in the mind – when coming up with a name for my music project, this one sprang up, and A Darker Flame was born.

Back in 2001 I graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Kampen, the Netherlands, with a degree in painting. Although I had been playing instruments since my early teens, it wasn’t until after I graduated from art school that I started to write more songs. In 2005 I released a CD single together with the Indian classical singer Shubha Mudgal and my now husband.

These past years I’ve gotten back into making and writing music, which I intend to share with you on my website here. I write instrumental contemporary classical pieces, as well as writing and recording my own songs.

Recently I have started looking more into writing music for film.

My website is currently under construction but make sure to bookmark it and come back soon. If you want to get in touch, please feel free to send me a message by filling out the form below.

Jacob de Graaf